Friday, January 06, 2006

Thrashers 6, Penguins 4

The Pens blew the game in the first period, plain and simple. Thibault was pretty bad, and the team wasn't much better, if any. They started to turn the tide a bit in the second, only allowing the two power play goals, but they took too many penalties. In the third, something funny happened - they remembered how to play hockey. It's amazing, but once this team scores a goal or two, they play like one of the best teams in the NHL. Maybe the Thrashers thought they had the game in the bag, but the Pens really put a whipping on them in the third. Having said that, it was too little, too late.

And before I forget, can someone face-plant Ilya Kovalchuk during the game tomorrow night? Taking a cheap shot on Crosby near the boards was second grade style, but then Ilya regressed further into childhood by pointing to Crosby after scoring a goal to make it 5-0. No class whatsoever. It takes a big man to point to someone in a penalty box, Ilya.

Where were the penalties on the cheap shot and the pointing?

Congratuations to Recchi and Leclair in the third for showing how to lead by example. They came out flying, and the team followed their lead.

Anyway, the Pens should be good and fired up for tomorrow night. If they're not, then this team has no heart. I can't imagine that being the case.

One more thing - there was a report after the game that the team has informed Ryan Malone that they're trying to trade him. I think this is Therrien's message to the rest of the team - work hard or you're gone.


Will said...

That Kovalchuk thing really made me laugh. At first it kinda pissed me off but then I realized that Ilya really looked like an ass for doing that. I mean here's a guy who's been in the leauge for a while and is a great player but after he scores a goal to put his team way up all he can to is taunt an 18 year old. Shows no class in my opinion. Either way it was great to see the Pens rebound to make it a game. LeClair and Recchi were great and Fleury gave them a chance to win. Too bad they fell short but we'll see how the come back tonight. I would not be surprised to see Roy out early looking for a fight with Hutton (I think that was the Atlanta D-man who he challenged last night). I would really love to see Crosby lay one into Kovalchuk :)

Go Pens!

Will said...

Oh yeah I forgot to mention... Can someone please make Thibault go away. I really tried to stick it out with him but when he's in net the Pens just look bad. To me it seems that they have no confidence in him and he has none in himself. I know he can be a soild goalie but it's just not working out for him on the Pens. Next time Fleury needs a break throw Caron or anyone of the 3 solid goalies down on the Baby Pens.

Boycott Thibault!