Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blue Jackets 6, Penguins 1

Following up on the earlier post, the Penguins got their butts kicked. There's nothing that can really be said about it. You have to think that there will be some changes after tonight, seeing how the team had the chance to respond to Therrien. They responded by... um... (trying to think of nice way to say this) having intestinal issues in the place where they sleep.

The Pens did try to save face, and many of the players jumped in and started fighting. They had willing combatants in the usually hapless Blue Jackets, so during the third period, a hockey game occaisionally showed up during the bar room brawl.

This can only be good for the Pens to show a little bit of heart, but it is two games too late. The game to do this was against Atlanta with the Kovalchuk pointing incident. Yes, I know they were trying to win the game, but team unity and chemistry is probably more important right now.

Anyway, let's have some fun with the numbers tonight.
  • The Pens had six different fighting penalties in the game, with three players receiving game misconducts (Leclair, Odelein and Roy).
  • The Pens logged 35 minutes of penalty minutes in the second period.
  • They weren't satisfied with that, so they followed it up with 38 minutes in the third.
  • Crosby continues to impress me. He continually tried to get into it with the Blue Jackets, and was still yapping away from in the penalty box.
  • And my favorite part of the night? Palffy and Surovy tried to kill people in the third.
Friday - Blackhawks - should be interesting if nothing else!


Pronovost said...

Laughing to keep from crying. With the arena situation as a backdrop, this has been a weird season.

If the Pens don't win in Chicago they have a serious chance at extending the losing streak to 10 in a row, at least. Their next games after this Friday are Nashville, Vancouver, Philly twice and the Rangers.

I don't know that there are any more changes to make. They've fired a coach and shuttled people between Pittsburgh and WB. The veterans wouldn't bring much in a trade, if Our Pens even could get anyone to take them off their hands. Palffy may be an exception, I guess.

Isn't it weird to practically not even notice or care that Mario may be back soon? Sad, actually.

Will said...

Palffy & Surovy in the 3rd was my favorite part as well. Palffy came out of no where about 5 seconds after the whistle blew and slamed a BlueJacket into the boards. Another BJ retaliated but Palffy spun away from the hit, then Surovy came screaming down the ice and got into it.

As HORRIBLE as that game was at least the Pens said screw it, and dropped the gloves. At the very least this should give the guys something to laugh about and hopefully start to play as a team. It might give the other teams something to think about too if they know when they give it to Crosby they are going to have 10 crazy Penguins coming after them. I also thought that Odeline really stood up for Crosby the whole night. Any time he got into it with him on the ice he was right there... I think he was the only Pen who actually won a fight last night too! At least we won something ;)