Monday, January 23, 2006

Game #49 - at Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh - 11-28-9 - 31 pts - Last in East
Philadelpha - 29-11-8 - 66 pts - 3rd in East

So the Pens played the Flyers tough on Saturday here in Pittsburgh. Tonight in Philadelphia, they'll need to not only duplicate that effort, but get some pucks in the net to have any chance.

They'll also have to be more aware of the rules - how can Lefebvre not know that clearing the puck over the glass is a penalty? More importantly, how bad had the officiating become, when a delay of game (as throwing the puck over the glass is) was a common defensive tactic that was generally accepted? It's no wonder the league has tried to take some of the decision making out of the hands of the referees on the ice.

Anyway, Fleury is expected in goal tonight. Esche should be back in there for the Flyers. For the Pens, the formula is simple - keep doing what you've been doing at even-strength, take advantage of your power play opportunities (especially since Philly isn't that great on the PK), and for heaven's sake, shut someone down on the penalty kill. How long has it been since we've given someone a goose-egg on their power play? The last time was in the team's last win - against Montreal. For nine straight games, the Pens have allowed a power play goal. They've also score more than two goals only three times in those nine games. That's not going to win many games.

Let's hope for a different performance tonight.

Let's go Pens!

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