Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Retirement press conference recap

Just listened to the Mario Lemieux press conference. Basically, here are the points he made:
  • This is largely due to the heart condidtion. He made a few statements about the game being for the young guys, but the biggest reason is that he can't play the way he wants to... largely due to the heart.
  • He said he started thinking about this when the team played Buffalo and he had an episode in the third period.
  • He said the game of hockey was far better off now than when he retired last time in 1997.
  • The Station Square group has announced their plans for the slots license. When asked about it, Mario said that he thought the Pens plan was the best by far (no surprise there).
  • When asked if he thought the distribution of the slots license would be handled fairly and honestly, Mario said "I hope so".
This team belongs to Sidney Crosby now (and Marc Andre Fleury to a lesser degree). Let's see where it goes.

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