Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dick Tarnstrom traded

The Pens traded Dick Tarnstrom today to the Edmonton Oilers, acquiring forward Jani Rita and defensemen Cory Cross.

Jani Rita is a 24 year old 1999 first round pick, 13th overall, who hasn't had much success in the NHL thus far. He wasn't receiving much ice time in Edmonton, even though he appeared in 21 games. He's been a decent goal scorer in the minors, and has some great numbers in the playoff series he's been involved in (most recently 7 G, 4 A in 10 games last season).

Cory Cross is a 35 year old veteran with 637 career games played. He's another big defensemen (6'5") to go with Eric Cairns on the blue line. He hasn't accumulated many points over his career, but has generally acquitted himself pretty well. His minutes are also down this year, which hopefully isn't any indication about his ability to play in the new NHL.


Will said...

I liked Tarnstrom and I'm glad that he got traded to a contender. I don't know anything about the player the Pens got, but the 6'5" D guy sounds like a welcome addition... even if he is 153 years old. Hopefully the youngster mixes well with the plethora of rookies on the Pens roster, even though I imagine he'll start down in WB. I remember when the Pens traded for Tarnstrom, he was the leading points guy on the team, I think. Either way he really helped them at a time when they were horrible. So good luck to him and hopefully we'll see some production from the new guys.

BTW: Did anyone read the Crosby article in this months ESPN The Magazine? It was good and there were some funny stories in there. It also had some quotes for his former teamate, Jack Johnson (I think), where he mentioned how Crosby does not have some to come flying in when ever someone gets in his face to get his back. Now I think that was totally true up until the Columbus game. Since then I have noticed, not just for Crosby, but everyone is willing to mix it up if someone (especially Crosby) is getting roughed up. I think that starts to show the team pulling together... which is nice.

Anonymous said...

What other trade rumors are out there? I've been hearing Gonchar, but there is no way anyone will take that salary. John LeClaire? It seems like he has all but asked to be traded. Does anybody think the young guys are up for grabs? I personally hope that the young guys, as in the WB/S boys, all stay. Teams are built on chemistry, and they are the only ones that have it right now.