Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Game #53 - at Rangers

Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers

Pittsburgh - 12-30-10 - 34 pts - Last in East
New York - 29-15-9 - 66 pts - 5th in East

So the Pens are happy to be facing the Rangers again so soon. It's a character game for them. It would be nice to see them bounce back from the beating they took on Saturday. The players at this point are trying to establish some consistency. They're also playing for jobs next year. Players like Ouellet and Surovy have a great opportunity to play on top lines and show that they belong in the NHL. Veterans like Leclair and... um... who else do the Pens have that would be available and tradable (Odelein is the only one I can think of)? Anyway, whoever else there is would be trying to show their worth either to bring back next year or to a contending team down the stretch.

The Rangers are looking to solidify their playoff position. They're not in much danger of falling out of the playoffs (okay, it is the Rangers - I guess they're ALWAYS in danger of falling out of the playoffs), but they would probably like to move up a few notches and have home ice for at least one round of the playoffs. They'll be coming strong against the Pens.

Look for Fleury in net. Also look for lots of chippiness if the Pens get down early by a goal or two.

Let's go Pens!

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