Monday, January 23, 2006

Flyers 4, Penguins 2

You know, I'm getting tired of typing scores with the Penguins second, especially where the Flyers or Rangers are concerned. At least they're staying in the hunt for the number one overall draft pick.

The losing streak is now at 10 games, the longest this season. This one doesn't have any games in overtime either.

Tonight, the Pens stayed out of the penalty box in the third period, though they still allowed a goal on the power play. They also tied the game in the third, but a late goal went in for the Flyers. The Pens are living proof of the phrase "you can't win for losing"...

Tarnstrom must have been hurt again, because he only played a little more than nine minutes. Other players on reduced playing time were Endicott, Lefebvre and Cairns. Cairns only played 9 shifts for 3:42, an average of about 25 seconds per shift. Hopefully he's just rounding into game shape, or we may have overpaid for him.

This week is a busy one for the Pens, with games on Wednesday and Thursday.

In case you're wondering, the Blues have the fewest points in the NHL, with 27. The Pens have 31, with Columbus next at 36. The Blues have also played three fewer games than the Pens.

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