Monday, January 16, 2006

Game #46 - vs Canucks

Vancouver Canucks at Pittsburgh Penguins

Vancouver - 25-15-5 - 55 pts - 7th in West
Pittsburgh - 11-25-9 - 31 pts - Last in East

The Pens wrap up their games against the Western Conference tonight at home against the Canucks. It is their fifth game in seven nights, so we'll see who has taken Michel Therrien's conditioning program to heart.

Vancouver has been a streaky team lately, losing eight out of nine games (three in OT) before winning four of their last five. They are coming off of an 8-1 blowout of the Islanders in Long Island, so they're certainly capable of embarassing the Penguins if the team isn't ready to play.

The Canucks are led by Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi, though they're both in the negative in plus / minus, which tells you they're either bad defensively, or they like to stay towards the offensive zone. Either way, the Pens may be able to make some hay while they're on the ice.

Fleury in net for the Pens. He has now appeared in 22 games. He has to be getting close to those bonus clauses. Something will have to give soon, because I can't see the team sucking up the kind of financial loss they're projecting in a season like this.

Hopefully the Pens can get over the hump tonight.

Let's go Pens!


Will said...

Another good effort, another loss. If they could have got their PP going they could have won this one. Another gritty performance by Armstrong. This guy cracks me up, he's all of 180lbs. and he's out there hitting anyone who's around. His hit on Ruutu was great... he even drew a penalty from another Vancouver player after the hit. Fleury had a tough night, never seemed to look comfortable but he made some great saves to keep it close.

I think the whole team came ready to play tonight, if they can get that PP going and stay out of the damn box they'll start winning some games... ok they might win A game.

Will said...

I forgot to mention that Crosby played a great game, took one bad penalty, but that was more in defense than anything else. The Vancouver announcers even gave him props for how hard he works when he's on the ice.