Saturday, January 21, 2006

Game #48 - vs Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins

Philadelphia - 28-11-8 - 64 pts - Third in East
Pittsburgh - 11-27-9 - 31 pts - Last in East

No time today for an extended preview. The Pens will have to be at their best to beat the Flyers. There's been little evidence that they can be at their best for 60 minutes (as shown the other night when the played well for about 55 minutes). I'm not looking for a big win, but it would be nice. I'm with Will on this one - the only team I like less than the Rangers is the Flyers.

Brooks Orpik will return to the lineup today. Look for Fleury in goal. National broadcast on NBC - woo hoo!

Let's go Pens!


Trent said...

I'm in the Kessel hunt so i'm fine with the Pens losing this home and home. But i'm eager for Orpik's return. He might have had a shitty first half but the guy is going to be a solid presense on the blue line for years. He and Whitney will provide the foundation for what could be a top notch defense core. He just needs to get his mojo back.

And maybe that's the goal for the rest of the season: Get everyone's mojo back for next season. Orpik, Tarnstrom, Gonchar, Malone and even Jackman. Mario won't be back, Fleury will spend the entire season in Pittsburgh, Malkin will be in the US, and the Pens will have a little money to play with for free agents.

And maybe, just maybe, the Pens will have a top notch draft pick who will be ready for the NHL.

Let's face it: Due to the lockout, The Pens lost all the momentum Edzo built up at the end of last season.

btw - I dug into the Kessel thing and he's apparantly fallen a bit from a sure fire #1 superstar. Appears he's a bit soft and unwilling to venture into traffic.

Michael said...

And the Penguins will now have to deal with Penguin-killer Petr Nedved since having been traded to the Flyers just the other day.

He's expected to hold down the fort for ailing superstar Peter Forsberg.