Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rangers 4, Penguins 2

I hate the Rangers.

This was a strange game, as Bob Errey and Mike Lange said several times. It was a 1-0 game for two periods, and then the Pens rallied to tie the game in the third. In the third, the Pens had a power play. Crosby clearly gets pushed into the net, and Surovy scores with Crosby in there. The ref doesn't blow the whistle when Crosby goes in (even though he watched the whole thing), but rather once the puck goes in (a few seconds later), he called interference on Crosby. Bob Errey was particularly harsh on Don Marouelli, basically saying the call was total horsecrap, which I'd have to say that I agree with - not that I'm biased or anything... :)

Anyway, the Rangers score after the penalty to Crosby expires, while the Pens have two centers on the ice. Endicott doesn't cover Rozsival properly, and Michal scores. That was a save the Pens really needed Fleury to make.

Gonchar has started to play better, and the young guys continue to do well. Armstrong and Ouellet in particular were solid. Crosby was great too, but I guess I don't consider him one of the "young guys", since he's never played in the minors. I guess it just goes to show how much the team relies on him already to be a leader. He's filling the role quite nicely, if you ask me.

Next up is a game Saturday afternoon on national television against the Flyers. Forsberg has been hurt (he missed his game tonight), but is expected to play on Saturday. Joy.


Will said...

That call on Crosby was total crap. So was the instant whistle he blew on the play before that. Now I know that all teams get bad calls and that's fine but when a team has lost 8 in a row that's the kind of calls that make it 9. Overall I thought the Pens played well, solid D at times and a excellent job of keeping Jagr from scoring. I agree that Fleury really needed to make that save on Rozsival but he did make some great ones to keep it close.

I real treat on Saturday against the only team I hate worse than the Rangers, the f***ing Flyers.

Trent said...

Every loss is one step closer to Phil Kessel.

Imagine: Top Canadian, top French-Canadian, top Russian and top American. If Whitney, Ouellet, and dare i say Malone and Orpik step up next season, that's going be be a mighty nice lineup.

Let's go Pens opponents!

Will said...

Here we go Kessel, here we go! !