Thursday, January 12, 2006

Don't tell me the fun is all gone!

Michel Therrien didn't really have much to say publicly after last night's game. The only thing he really said was that he was happy that the team stuck up for each other, and that this might... um... wait - I'll let him tell you himself -
"For the first time this year, that team seemed to stick with each other," he said. That's a good start. Even if we're in January. I like the way the guys responded. It's a positive thing that the players stuck [up] for each other, and we're going to build on that."
Hard practice in Chicago today... game tomorrow night. Haven't seen any player news yet - they currently have three goalies on the roster, Ryan Malone didn't return after his um... fight (can we really call that a fight?) last night, and Murley and Tarnstrom were healthy scratches. Preview up by tomorrow in the early afternoon.


Will said...

The only one who got beat down worse than Malone (and that was bad) was Colby Armstrong. Now I like Colby's heart but man did that dude pound on him. I really hope that they keep this up tomorrow because at the very least it was entertaining to watch.

Pat said...

Plus, Colby has heart and hustle - he was throwing his body around all night long. I think he wants to show that he belongs with the big club.