Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy times are gone again...

Michel Therrien has turned to the fire and brimstone route. I was wondering how long it would take... now we know. Without further ado, here are some quotes from Therrien after last night's game with Edmonton, taken from an article in the Post-Gazette.
"I'm not impressed," Therrien said. "It's a pathetic performance. Half of the team doesn't care."
"It's like, are we going to be happy to play eight minutes?" Therrien said "I'm not going to be happy to play eight minutes. What those guys will say if we take 50 percent of their salary because they only played for 50 percent of the time?"
"That defensive squad, I'm really starting to believe their goal is to be the worst defensive squad in the league," he said. "And they're doing such a great job at being the worst. They turn the puck over, they have no vision, they're soft. I've never seen a bunch of defensemen soft like this."
And my personal favorite, heard on KDKA Radion this morning:
"They make my life miserable? It's a give and take. What can I do?"
I know I wouldn't want to be a Pittsburgh Penguin right now.


Will said...

I think my favorite part of the tirade was when he laid into the team for not backing up Crosby when Ilya pointed at him after that pp goal.

I'm glad Therrien did this, we all knew it would happen after one of these losses, hopefully it will spark somethign in the Pens so they can get some wins. I know the Playoffs are drifting further and further away but it would just be nice to see them put in a solid effort for a few nights in a row. Here's a pipe dream... How about a shutout? I don't remember the Pens having one this season?

Pat said...

I saw that - he said the only one that tried to do anything was Talbot at the end of the game, and "he's only 5'8"", which is basically calling some of the big guys on the team a bunch of skirts.

Madden had an interesting thought on his radio show that there was a divide between young and old players in the locker room, like the older guys feel like Crosby has to "earn his way"... maybe I'll do a post about it later.

Trent said...

I'm all for scratching the season, sending Fleury down to save the money, and shooting for Kessel in the draft.

Thibault every game, baby! (Because we're actually not the worst team yet...)

Tonight might be the first game i don't watch.

Will said...

I am going to watch the Columbus game because if there was ever a reason for the Pens to come out and maybe drop the gloves early it would be the next game after getting called out by your coach for being "soft". Here's a first line for ya... Talbot, VandenBussche, and Roy... all fighting all the time :)