Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pens for sale

According to this article, Mario Lemieux has said that the team is up for sale. This is basically a "strike while the iron is hot" line of thought. Given that the team will likely get an arena from the slots licensee, regardless of who it is, owning a hockey franchise in Pittsburgh is suddenly not a bad proposition. The article basically says that they have had some inquiries over the past few months, and that anyone that bought the team would be bound to the city as long as the Pens group (meaning, Isle of Capri) is awarded the slots license.

My personal opinion is that this is terrific for Mario. He deserves to get the money that was promised to him, and he's stuck his neck out for the team and the city far beyond what anyone could have resonably expected. If he (and his ownership group) can make a profit and sell the team (hopefully to someone who can spend up to the cap), then I hope it happens.

There are big changes happening with the Pens before our eyes, and the next few months will shape the team for years to come. Let's hope they turn out well for the team and the city - I hope to be able to attend Penguins' games for years to come (in Pittsburgh!)

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