Monday, January 16, 2006

Canucks 4, Penguins 2

I didn't get to see most of this game. I did watch the majority of the third period, however. It seemed to be more of the same old stuff. Not sure where else to go with that... so let's take a look at a few somewhat random facts about the game...
  • Ric Jackman wasn't playing on the power play. Just a question, but if you're not going to play him on the PP, why put him in the lineup? Why have him on the team?
  • Do you know how many shots we got from defensemen not named Gonchar (who had five, btw)? TWO!! And they were both from Scuderi and Melichar. Not a single shot from Tarnstrom, Whitney or Jackman on the net. That's unacceptable.
  • Talbot, while he did play over five minutes on the PK, only played 2:24 at even strength. You can't tell me that you couldn't run him out there on a shorter basis just to use his speed and hustle. Send Murley out there with him to create havoc (Murley only played 3:13 at even strength).
  • Tomas Surovy's ice time continues to drop. He only logged a bit over 10 minutes tonight. If I'm him, I'm probably looking over my shoulder to see who is playing well on the Baby Pens... though I'm not sure who else they'd bring up at this point. He really needs to play with confidence.
  • Speaking of confidence, Colby Armstrong and Michel Ouellet are both playing with it. They make rookie mistakes, but you can see that they have the chance to be solid NHL players. I don't know that Armstrong will continue to get all the ice time that he's receiving, or even play on the PP, but he's a solid contributer. Ouellet, on the other hand, has a chance to be special. He just seems to have to scoring knack.
The team is off until Thursday, when they welcome the Rangers to town. I'd love to see them stop the losing streak in time to kick New York around a bit. Here's hoping.

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