Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Michel Therrien fun

Just because they are so (unintentionally) entertaining, here are some more quotes, this time from, including the correct version of my favorite one from before...

“It’s a game of emotion; it’s a game of hard work; it’s a game of passion,” Therrien said. “[Atlanta’s Ilya] Kovalchuk, what he did the other day – there’s not one guy [from the Penguins] who was close to doing something [about Kovalchuk’s taunting gesture after a goal]. Maybe Maxime Talbot at the end with one second left.

“Did they think that, as a coach, I think the team cared about each other? Wow,” he continued. “I tried to have a good ambience with the team Monday [with a light practice]. So, I guess we’re going to have to come back with the old recipe. They make my job miserable. So, it’s give and take. What can I do?

“I am so disappointed about a lot of guys. I am very disappointed because they don’t care if they care. Tonight, it looked like men against boys.”

I can't imagine the team not responding to this. If they've jumped ship so quickly under a new coach, then they really need to start over or something... but I'm getting ahead of myself. Hopefully the team will respond and start to get results (wins).

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Michael said...

Good job with this blog page. It's nice to see someone with the undertaking of a Pens blog.