Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pens acquire Eric Cairns

The Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired Eric Cairns from the Florida Panthers for a sixth round draft choice. Here's the official announcement from the Pens website.

You can't imagine that Cairns is going to come in and play a big role, other than maybe to protect Crosby. His resume this year isn't that great - he has only played in 23 games all year, and not with much frequency lately. If he's really being brought here to upgrade our toughness, then the team is pretty poor already, since Cairns only has three fighting majors all year. He also has averaged less than 8 minutes of ice time per game, which is extremely low for a defensemen.

Craig Patrick does seem to love those tall players, though. Think about McKenna, Leroux, heck, even Hatcher. I'm just not sure Cairns is really going to help. I hope I'm wrong. The Pens didn't give up much for him, so I guess it's worth the shot. Maybe it's an effort to be able to trade players like Andre Roy and Lyle Odelein, since they might be valuable to a team in the playoffs, but here all they do right now is protect Crosby.

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Will said...

I like Cairns and think he's a good pick up for a 6th round draft pick. I did not know he was not logging much ice time this year but I do think that if he's a real stay at home D guy he will help out the Pens some, and at the very least give the other team something to think about if they want to go after Crosby... other than Colby Armstorng!

Too bad about Palffy, but not much we can do about it. Fleury being up the rest of the year is a good thing. Let him gel with the youngsters that will be around next year, and learn a little from the vets that won't.

I liked the Crosby review. I agree he would be an A but I read an article on (i think) yesterday about how Ovechkin is "running away" with the rookie race. Now I know in general most people like Ovechkin more because of Crosby's temper/bitching but come on, there are still 3 months to go in the season and Ovechkin is only 6 points ahead of him, how is that running away with anything.

Anyways, lots of good blogs, thanks Pat!