Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Penguins 5, Blues 1

Totally missed the game last night. I have DirecTV, which doesn't carry Versus right now.

It was nice to see the box score (and highlights).

A few quick thoughts:
  • I can't remember seeing the Pens get so many chances in transition this season. Either the Blues aren't used to it, or the Pens are getting better at generating them.
  • They kept the penalties to a minimum, tying their season low with having to kill only two penalties.
  • 12 shots for Malkin with 11 more that were missed? Can those numbers be right?
  • That goal post early by Winchester could have sent the game in a different direction.
  • Hopefully Gonchar isn't hurt too badly.
Next up: Friday night at home against Florida.

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