Monday, October 12, 2009

Penguins 4, Senators 1

The Senators will be a dangerous team this year. You can see they have some talent up front, even without Heatley. Michalek was a great addition. Leclaire can be sensational.

Tonight, however, they were squeezing the sticks a bit too tight. They had several golden chances and just missed. They hit several posts. They missed the net too many times. In short, they blew their chances.

The Pens, by contrast, made the most of their chances, with two goals that could be called "fluky" by Guerin (the puck took a nice strong bounce off of the end boards) and Kennedy (he barely touched it as it trickled past Leclaire).

The Pens were up 3-1 going into the third period and it became pretty obvious that the Senators lost interest in winning. That's another difference between the Pens and the Sens right now - the Pens don't seem to know how to quit.

Fleury was lucky, but he was also very good at times, making a few great saves. Tyler Kennedy (only one "little" from Steigy) had two goals and the third line played really well.

It was a nice road win by the Pens to push their record to 5-1.

Next up: one more on the road in Carolina on Wednesday night.

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