Thursday, November 01, 2007

Avalanche 3, Penguins 2

I think the recap for this one is quite simple - the Pens had three power play chances beginning in the last two minutes of the second period through to the end of the game, along with pulling Sabourin at the end, and couldn't mount any sustained offense. I know they had 12 shots in the third, but I'd be hard-pressed to label any of them a good scoring chance.

Whitney went out with a strained groin and that seemed to completely upset the apple cart. No one seemed capable of playing the other point, and Gonchar and Crosby just ran out of gas.

Sabourin allowed a few he probably would like to have back. Does this mean we'll see Fleury on Saturday? I would bring him back, but that's just me.

One other thing - did you notice who received significant ice time when the Avs were on the penalty kill? How about Sakic, Smyth, Stastny and Hedjuk.

Next up: on Long Island to play the well-rested Islanders

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