Friday, November 30, 2007

NHL Picks - 11-30-07

Record Wednesday: 0-2
Record this month: 21-23
Record this season: 35-34

I was ready give up after the Kings won in San Jose - AGAIN - and Buffalo allowed three third period goals to lose to the Blues. Then I remember this is just for fun. So I'm back at it.

There are seven games on the schedule tonight. I'm two games under .500 for the month, so I'm picking three in the hopes that I can nail all three of them.

Washington at Carolina - The Canes won't lose again to the Caps, especially not at home. Go Canes.

Dallas at Pittsburgh - I almost never pick a game involving the Pens, but I need one, and so do they. Go Pens.

Colorado at San Jose - I think I'm picking the Sharks at home until they manage to win one. Call it persistence or stupidity, just make sure you also call it a win for the Sharks. Go Sharks.

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