Friday, November 16, 2007

NHL Picks - 11-16-07

Record last night: 3-0
Record this month: 14-11
Record this season: 28-21

Last night in the NHL:
  • San Jose killed Phoenix on the road.
  • The Sens held on to beat the Sabres.
  • Nashville won in OT at home against Chicago.
Good night - 3-0 is nice anytime it happens.

Tonight, there are seven games on the slate. I'm taking three:

New York Islanders at New Jersey - Brodeur has to get his 500th sometime, right?

Montreal at Buffalo - I'm going to keep picking Buffalo on Friday night home games until they win one. It's an obsession. The Devils pick might fall in the same category, come to think of it...

Washington at Tampa Bay - Washington is the worst in the East (tied with Buffalo), and the Lightning are good at home.

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