Saturday, November 17, 2007

NHL Picks - 11-17-07

Record last night: 2-1
Record this month: 16-12
Record this season: 30-22

Yesterday in the NHL:
  • Tampa trounced Washington.
  • Buffalo managed a win at home on a Friday night! Wow!
  • Brodeur couldn't get any offense and lost 1-0.
  • Atlanta went into Carolina and shut them out. Pretty impressive.
There are 10 games tonight. I'm picking three:

Ottawa at Toronto - The Leafs are really struggling and the Senators usually kick their butt. Go Sens.

Florida at Carolina - The Kitty Cats haven't won in Carolina since before the lockout (13 straight). Go Canes.

Chicago at Detroit - This one makes me nervous, but I can't stay away. I don't think the Hawks can beat the Red Wings in four straight games from the start of the season, especially in Detroit.

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