Friday, November 23, 2007

NHL Picks - 11-23-07

Record last night: 0-0
Record this month: 20-17
Record this season: 34-27

I'm not counting the Pens win over Ottawa in the official standings. I was 1-2 on Wednesday night, when both Columbus and Minnesota lost at home. Blech.

Today there are 10 games on the schedule. Some of them start early (games in Boston and Philly start at 12:00 and 1:00 respectively). I like three games today.

Washington at Philadelphia - New coach for the Caps, same old result. Philly is too good at home for Washington to win (though the new coach thing does make me a bit nervous). Go Flyers.

Columbus at Minnesota - Columbus isn't as good on the road, and Leclaire is struggling. Go Wild.

Toronto at Dallas - Picking East vs West games make me nervous, but I like this match up - Dallas plays well at home, and the Leafs aren't very disciplined. Go Stars.

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