Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NHL Picks - 11-21-07

Record last night: 0-0
Record this month: 19-15
Record this season: 33-25

Last night in the NHL:
  • Toronto continues to suck, allowing three third period goals and losing 4-2.
  • Edmonton and Calgary both get home wins. Both were tough places to play in previous years. Neither has been so far this year. Maybe this is the reversal they need.
There are 11 games on the schedule tonight. I like three:

St Louis at Detroit - The Wings have lost three in a row to the Blues. They haven't lost four in a row since the early 1990s. They won't let that change. Go Wings.

Florida at Columbus - The Kitty Cats managed to win a road game recently. They won't do it again - the Blue Jackets are good at home. Go Blue Jackets.

Vancouver at Minnesota - The Canucks are hot, and they've been good on the road this year. The Wild will be ticked after Ohlund's slash to Mikko Koivu, and that counts for more in my book. Go Wild.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm giving thanks and picking the Pens game (in Ottawa, no less). Yikes!

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