Monday, November 05, 2007

NHL Picks - 11-5-07

Record last night: 0-0
Record this month: 3-4
Record this season: 17-14
P/L Yesterday: 0.00

No action yesterday. Good thing, too - I probably would have gone with the Blackhawks at home over any other game, and that didn't turn out well for the Hawks.

Tonight, there are two games I like:

Washington at Carolina - $6.70 - The Canes have been lighting it up on the scoreboard. The Caps have lost 8 out of 10. This one makes me a little nervous, because Ollie the Goalie owns the Canes in his career, but I'm still going with the fellows from Carolina.

Edmonton at Minnesota - $6.95 - The Wild have come down from their lofty heights recently, but Backstrom is back in net, and he has single-handedly beat the Oilers in his short career. Edmonton is short-handed on the blue line (no Souray or Pitkanen, to name a few) and not very good away from home.

Also of interest will be the outcome of the Ducks and Stars game in Anaheim. It would be another step for the Ducks to get back to their championship form, while Dallas lost three in a row at home, the last loss being a 5-0 shutout loss to Phoenix. Could be the wheels coming off in Dallas, eh?

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