Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Recchi clears waivers

Mark Recchi has cleared waivers. I'd expect that the Pens will assign him to Wilkes-Barre and then recall him, thus enabling the 50% off holiday sale. No one wanted him at his full cost ($1.75 million), but on re-entry waivers, he can be had for about $900,000. What a deal!

The interesting part is that in the Post-Gazette article this morning, Dave Molinari leaves no doubt that Recchi's agent (Rick Curran) places the blame for this on Michel Therrien. Curran says that Therrien has been excluding Recchi from the lineup and wasn't going to give him a chance to play.

The Trib article doesn't even mention Therrien.

Is it because the Trib has a much closer relationship with the Pens? Or is the Post-Gazette blowing things out of proportion?

Either way, this is just about over. The only question yet to be determined is how much of Recchi's contract the Pens will be responsible for.

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