Monday, December 24, 2007

Penguins 4, Bruins 2

Not a great game, but a good one.

The Pens did what they had to do to win the game. They came back, despite allowing the first goal, and took a 3-1 lead with two quick goals in the second period.

The game was typified by the work turned in by the line of Roberts, Laraque and Christensen. They weren't flashy. They got the puck down low and out-worked the Bruins, maintaining possession. Then they took their chances and converted them. That was the difference in this game - the Pens converted on their chances.

A few notes:
  • Eaton was hurt again on a cheap slu-foot (or is it slew-foot?) move by Marco Sturm. Someone needs to have a conversation with Mr. Sturm the next time the Pens play the Bruins.
  • The Bruins were shooting high on Conklin early, and it paid off on their first goal. Ty seems to have some trouble on the high shots to his body, and he was giving up rebounds. I wonder why he doesn't catch the puck instead of letting it hit him?
  • The Pens took the lead on a much-needed power play goal. Finally, a power play goal at an important time.
Next up: The Caps come to the Igloo. I'll be in attendance. Woo hoo!

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