Saturday, December 01, 2007

Maple Leafs 4, Penguins 2

I'm sitting here watching Pitt try to hang on against West Virginia, and I'm thinking the Pens could take a lesson from the game tape. Pitt is playing with the desperation that was lacking from the Pens' effort tonight.

Quick note - as I'm watching, the refs are doing their best to give the game to WVU. There were two completely phantom holding calls on Turner at critical times. It's actually embarrassing.

Back to the Pens - they just didn't seem to have the desire for the first two and a half periods tonight. They showed a bit late in the third, but it wasn't nearly good enough.

Toskala played a solid game, but he also didn't know where the puck was several times. I think he was beatable, though the Pens had some great chances. There was Malkin and Malone with excellent chances in the third before the Pens managed to score their first one.

The Pens were out shot in all three periods. It's troubling that they'd be out shot in the third when they're fighting to come back. If the Leafs are going to be that aggressive, the Pens need to find ways to take advantage of that. They didn't do that tonight.

Pitt just won. Nice to see someone was able to do something tonight.

Next up: Against Phoenix at home on Monday

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