Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Recchi Madness!

So Mark Recchi was assigned to Wilkes-Barre. He'll be put on re-entry waivers on Friday, according to the Trib.

If someone claims him on re-entry waivers, they'll be responsible for half of his salary, which is $1.75 million. Ostensibly, they'd also be responsible for half of his $250,000 performance bonuses as well, should he achieve them.

If no one claims him on re-entry, I can't imagine the Pens keeping him. He'll likely be cut outright.

The articles in the local papers (Trib, Post-Gazette) have a few significant differences. Here's what jumped out:
  • The Trib has the information on the re-entry waivers on Friday, but they have a clueless headline writer. The article on the website was titled "Pens assign Recchi to AHL, but will he go?" What the heck? The point was never to actually send Recchi to the minors, right? This is just the 50% off sale.
  • The Post-Gazette continues to mention that this is Therrien's fault, according to Recchi's agent, in their Penguins Notebook. The Trib hasn't said word one about it that I can find. I can't decide why this is, except that the Trib seems to have a closer relationship with the team.
  • Finally, I'm not sure why no one will come out and say what is happening: the Pens are dumping Recchi. He most likely won't play with the team again. The day they put him on waivers sealed his fate. It's a pretty straightforward procedure from this point. See the top of this post if you're unsure on how it goes.

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