Thursday, December 06, 2007

Penguins 3, Flames 2 (OT - SO - 2-1)

I think this is what hockey is supposed to look like. The third period and overtime were fast, well played and exciting. Each team had some great chances, there was some big hitting and some great goal tending.

It's a good thing the Pens and Flames don't play regularly, because I think Gary Roberts and Dion Phaneuf would wipe each other out, with the resulting explosion wiping out several city blocks.

The Flames had the lead, 1-0, after one period. Malkin tied the game on a wicked wrist shot in the second period on the power play. Iginla got his second of the game on the power play to give the Flames the lead, 2-1, going into the third.

The only reason this game made it to OT was because Ryan Malone, with the Pens on the PK, won a battle along the boards with one guy, chipped it past a second and blew past a third on his way to a breakaway goal against Kiprusoff.

OT was exciting, but uneventful, in that no goals were scored.

In the SO, Sykora puts a nasty move on Kiprusoff and roofs the puck. Let's hope this can kick-start his play in regulation. The guy can't buy a goal right now.

With the score tied 1-1 in the SO, Letang had the chance to win it. He used a sick move and flipped the puck off the back hand over the right leg of Kiprusoff. If you haven't seen the goal, you need to watch the highlights on when they're posted. It's worth your time.

  • Fleury started, but was hurt during the game. No word on him yet.
  • Orpik's minutes are really down with the Pens dressing 7 defensemen again.
  • Iginla played over 26 minutes! That's big for a forward.
Next up: one more stop out west, in Vancouver on Saturday night. It's a late start, eh?


Teej said...

The game in Ottawa on Thanksgiving night. I said it immediately after the game: this is the one that the Pens will mark as the season turning point and coming-together of the team. Man, they're playing some great hockey, and it's awesome to watch!

Flames = doused.

Bring on Saturday night!

will said...

They really have been playing better since that Ottawa game. Coming back 2 nights in a row, on the road no less, is great. Physical game last night, but nothing really stupid. Just solid checks and a so-so fight. Any word on Talbot? The announcers seemed to think he hurt his ankle again.

Pat said...

Yeah - the Steigy and Errey said he tripped over the back of the net, and Errey thought he hurt the ankle again. He was still on the ice after the game, however, so it couldn't have been too bad (i hope)