Sunday, December 23, 2007

NHL Picks - 12-23-07

Record last night: 1-2
Record this month: 12-16
Record this season: 50-50

Well, I hit the 50 win mark. The only downside is that I hit the 50 loss mark at the same time. Here at Igloo Dreams, the glass is half full (until I finish my Vanilla Coke, and then things are bleak).

It's a busy Sunday in the NHL, mainly because there are no games until Wednesday. I'm delivering a special Christmas gift and picking EVERY game today. Please note, this is a gift only if you're following this for entertainment value only. If you're using it for advice, I'm not sure gift is the term I'd use to describe these picks.

Boston at Pittsburgh - I have to go with the Pens, of course. They're the subject of this blog.

Nashville at Columbus - Nashville has won 10 straight over the Jackets. I think that changes today. Go Blue Jackets.

Atlanta at St Louis - yeah, the Thrashers have won four straight. They're due for a letdown, right? Go Blues.

Edmonton at Chicago - Chicago, on the other hand, will ride the momentum of a road win in Ottawa to a win over the Oilers. Go Hawks.

Ottawa at New York Rangers - The Sens have another little losing streak going. MSG is a good place to rectify that. Go Sens.

New Jersey at Calgary - The Flames have won only 7 out of 19 at home (7-7-5). Go Devils.

Montreal at Dallas - The Stars are too tough at home. Go Stars.

Vancouver at Colorado - The Canucks are good on the road, but the Avs are better at home. Go Avalanche.

There you have it. Eight games, eight picks.

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