Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thrashers 5, Penguins 0

I only got to see the last half of the third period, but from what the announcers were saying on TV and radio, the Pens were outplayed and Dunham denied them the chances they did have. They gave the Thrashers five power play opportunities in the first two periods - not good. The Thrashers only scored once, but when you're playing defensive hockey for 25% of the time in the first two periods, it's tough to get any rythm.

Caron was injured towards the end of the third stopping a breakaway. If he's injured even halfway seriously, they need to get Fleury up here to play regularly. Thibault came in cold and gave up the fifth goal. I'm being charitable in saying that he came in cold - it was a well placed shot, but not one that should have gone in. Not that it mattered by that point anyway.

Next up are the Canadiens, tonight at the Igloo. Preview up later today (hopefully around lunch time).

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ninelives said...

I only could stomach to watch the first two periods. Penguins did have some chances and as you said were denied. A win will do them good tonight all though it will not be easy.