Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mario Lemieux to miss first game

Lemieux will miss tomorrow's game with a stomach virus. Ryan Malone will take his place on the first line. Here's a question - if your first line is Malone, Pirjeta and Recchi and your second line is Crosby, Christensen and Palffy, which one is really first? Maybe it's a head game to take the pressure off of the rookies, but wow... I'm not sure anyone could say that our "second" line isn't our best (by far, right now)

Gonchar will also miss the game.

Thibault will get another start in net.

Preview up later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Will said...

It will be interesting to see how the team will react with Lemieux out of the lineup. Any word on when Gonchar and Tarnstrom are going to be back? Last I heard Tarnstrom was skating with the team again. I have not heard anything about Gonchar except he strained his groin. (ouch)

Pat said...

I think during the broadcast they said that Tarnstrom was 7-10 days away from playing again, but I could be mistaken...