Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rangers 6, Penguins 1

Ugh. Another game I didn't see, but I'm glad I didn't. We listened to Bob Grove on the postgame report, and it didn't sound good. From reading the article in the Post-Gazette this morning it sounds even worse. Rico Fata said something along the lines of "We didn't match their work ethic". That's a really poor statement (though honest). The Pens have talent, there's no doubt. They probably have more talent than the Rangers (or most teams, for that matter). If they're outworked by someone, it's a shame. We know they can beat the Rangers, as they proved last week. The Pens have to find the desire to win, show some pride and play each game like it's a playoff game.

By the way - how bad was the Whitney hit that he got a major and a game misconduct? Did he flip out on the refs or something?

Everything I've read and heard said the game could have been much worse if not for the play of Thibault. Anyone that saw the game care to comment on whether or not that's true?

Maybe they're just tired. Let's hope that's all it is. They play Monday and Wednesday, and then the schedule gets a little lighter, with games every third day for about a week or so, including a chance to finally play one of the teams that's worse than we've been - the Capitals.


Will said...

Thibault played ok. He had some really good saves early but let in some soft ones. I would not put all the blame on him because the D was horrible last night. The whole team was playing well but you could see that everytime they blew another PP chance the energy level sunk. I think they had 4 or 5 PP in the 1st and could not put one in. Weeks was ok but the shots just wernt there. I did not see the Whitney hit so I don't know why he got booted.

After Thurdays game I was ready to give Thibault another look but after last night I say Fleury gets the start on Monday. I know it sends a bad message to T-Bot but Caron should be back end of this week so it would be cool to see the youngster get a few starts before they send him back down.

Pronovost said...

Great game to miss. New York played very well and the Pens seemed almost disinterested until the score reached 3-0. Then they put up a fight until NY scored early in the third on a carryover power play.

I thought Thibault was fairly solid.

Whitney’s hit from behind was a penalty but probably shouldn’t have been a gamer. He must have said the wrong thing, too, but he didn’t go crazy after the call.

The Gonchar-Orpik pairing continues to commit too many turnovers.

I’m not terribly confident that things will improve anytime soon.