Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thibault = T-Bye?

The Penguins placed Jocelyn Thibault on waivers today, according to ESPN Radio 1250. They intend to send him to Wilkes-Barre if no team claims him.

I can't imagine someone would claim him. He has a two year, $3 million dollar contract. Probably too much for him to be a backup. I can't imagine someone would bring him in as the starter right now... but Atlanta is pretty decimated at goalie.

Anway, hopefully he can clear waivers, go to Wilkes-Barre and play every night. It might hurt the Baby Pen's record, but it'll help the big team in the long run if Thibault can get it together.

I also wouldn't assume Fleury is here for good. If he struggles, and Thibault gets it together, we could easily see a flip-flop in about a month.

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