Friday, November 25, 2005

Panthers 6, Penguins 3

The Pens gave up FORTY-SIX shots to the Panthers. They gave up SIX goals. The Panthers had not scored more than four in a single game all year. This is just sad.

The Panthers looked like an offensive juggernaut against the Pens. In the first period, they kept the puck in the Penguin's end for several extended sequences. Several teams have done this to the Pens recently. I'm not sure what the problem is, but teams have remarkable success cycling the puck against the Pens.

The saddest part is that the Pens had a chance to get back in the game. They came back from a 4-1 defecit at the end of the first to make it 4-3. They then had several great scoring chances that were foiled by great plays by Luongo. That was the other major disappointment - Luongo was not at the top of his game tonight. He was having trouble with the puck frequently, but the Pens just couldn't take advantage.

I'm not going to blame the offense for this one. I'm not going to blame the goalie either, even though Caron got yanked and neither he nor Thibault played very well. The blame for this one lays totally on the defensive effort given by the Pens. I didn't notice too many bad turnovers in their own end, but it was obvious the Pens were outplayed by the ease with which the Panthers operated in the Penguin's zone.

It was very disappointing to see.

The wife says if they don't call up Fleury, she's going to quit watching. I can't say the same, but there's really no reason, other than financial, for him not to be here right now. Neither of the other goalies is playing well consistently.

Sunday afternoon (5:00) at Tampa Bay.

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Trent said...

I agree, that was the worst defensive game in a long time.

Thibault is the worst Pens goalie in YEARS. I really can't think of anyone worse. Thibault has ZERO rebound control, and often times sends the puck directly to an opposing player's tape. It's gotta be hard to play in front of that guy.

But at least we can be happy that Christensen is proving himself as a solid contributor. He has been the second best player on the ice these past few games.