Monday, November 14, 2005

Game #19 - Quick update

Thibault in goal.

Gonchar scratched - groin injury. Lots of Jackman / Whitney on the power play.

The biggest surprise? (maybe not entirely, given Edzo's benching of Jackman earlier this year)

Ryan Malone. Healthy scratch.

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Will said...

Malone has been a good energy guy this year but I think too much was put on him during the off season. He went from an ok player on a horrible team to a first line player on what was supposed to be a cup contending team. I just don't think he's offensivly skilled enought to play on the top lines yet. I think in a few years he'll be a top line player but for now he sould be down on the Pens 3rd line grinding it out with speed and energy.