Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bruins 6, Penguins 3 - this sounds familiar...

This is the first game this season where I didn't get to watch a single second. Sounds like I didn't miss much. By all accounts, the Pens just weren't ready to go and were outplayed from the drop of the puck. Add another Lemieux meltdown to that (in the first period) when he took an extra two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct, and you have the gist of the story.

Caron finally ran out of juice. He was yanked midway through the second period. The good news is that Thibault stopped 13 of 14 shots. Maybe this will get him going.

The Pens had a chance to get back into the game - they were down 3-1 and had a two man advantage for about 1:30 to open the second period. They don't score, and the Bruins go on to score the next three goals to make it 6-1 before the Pens add two meaningless goals late in the third.

I saw all I needed to know when I read that Jiri Slegr scored two power play goals in the first period. Ugh.

Now I have to go find out if begonias are toxic to cats. The wife is doing some yard work, evidentally moving the yard inside the house...


Trent said...

If the Pens played the perfect game against the Islanders, they played the complete antithesis against the Bruins. No one played well. Period. It was ugly.

As for Thibault, he looked terrible. Stopping 13 of 14 wasn't good, it was lucky. He was floundering the entire time.

As for Mario: His meltdowm certainly nailed the coffin closed as two goals were scored while he sat in the box. But the entire series of penalties was set up when Mario made the laziest icing that i have ever seen. He was skating towards the red line and dumped it in 2 feet before the line, because he didn't want to pass the bench. Pathetic.

The next shift, the tired Pens who weren't allowed to make a change took the penalty. THEN Mario had his meltdown.

It's a bit hard to bear down when your captain, your leader and your owner fucks up like that. It's not like you can pull him aside. But that's what needs to be done.

Caron was chased, but he played well. Two 5-on-3 goals, 1 normal power play goal, one fluke, and a team that was playing no defense in front of him. The first goal set the tone though, and making that save would have led to a different game.

Pronovost said...

Normally I go the distance no matter what, but after the pathetic carry-over 5-on-3 to start the second period, I switched to Miami-Va. Tech. (Not that that was much of an upgrade in terms of excitement.) Just couldn't take another one of those nights, not this soon.

LeClair probably wouldn't have made much of a difference in this particular game, but I hope he's not gone for long. The past handful of games he seemed as if he finally was scraping off the rust and contributing.