Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Shoddy attendence

One more thing about last night's game. Did anyone else notice how bad the attendence was? The official attendence was 10,134. From what I could see on tv, there were more empty seats down close to the ice than there were filled seats. How embarrassing, especially after the NHL announces this.


Vinny said...

That's Devils fans for you. Not a fiercely loyal bunch. Even when things are going well they don't come out for their team. I can recall hearing about some playoff games of theirs not being sold out over the past several years.

In fairness to the fans, though, the Devils do have some of the least fan-friendly ticket prices that I know of. I was at the Opening Night game (lots of empty seats that night, too), and my friend and I paid $70 (face value) each for seats that were pretty darn close to the last row at the top of the arena. For a comparable seat to the Pens' game against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden next Monday night, I paid that much for two tickets. And that was even after Ticketmaster had their way with me.

Love the blog, Pat. I only recently discovered it, but I'm hooked. As a Pens fan living in New York, I only get to see a limited number of games (my stinkin' cable provider doesn't offer the NHL Center Ice package), so I have a great appreciation for folks like yourself who give me a daily glimpse into the world of the Penguins.

And I have to say, the quality of your writing far exceeds that of the guy currently covering the Penguins for MVN. If you're interested in branching out, you should consider submitting your work for consideration as one of their writers. They have information about how to do so here.

Pat said...

Vinny - thanks for the kind words! I'll have to think about the MVN thing - I mostly write for my own edification - I'd probably do this even if no one was reading. Having said that, it's nice that people notice :)

I'll have to check out your blog - I just can't bring myself to do it just yet. I'm still stuck in the late 80s, early 90s at Three Rivers Stadium chanting "Daryl! Daryl!" and watching the Mets beat the Pirates anyway...