Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Penguins 3, Flyers 2 (OT)

The Penguins somehow found a way to win. The Flyers didn't capitalize on some early chances, and what could happen did happen.

While it was somewhat discouraging to see the Pens give up a two goal lead, almost as fast as they earned it, it was even better to see them regain their discipline. They didn't take another man-advantage penalty the rest of the night. They also got the goaltending they needed to get through the third and especially in the OT.

This brings me to my biggest gripe with the game - the three stars. Yes, I know, it's a good night when all you're complaining about are the three stars, but how on earth does Fleury not get a star? How do the Flyers get two of the three stars when the Pens won the game? The more I see Forsberg, the more I think he's a punk - he hooks more than anyone I've seen yet this year and never gets called for it. Any Philly fans reading this that think I'm whining are probably right. Now go find a member of the opposing team to throw batteries at.

Fleury was incredible after Thibault got yet another freak injury. The latest I heard was that he was still in the hospital for observation. Marc Andre made save after save, especially in the OT when it was all Flyers... until the gorgeous breakaway. That's what we needed out of a goalie.

Other teams are starting to take liberties with Crosby, probably in the name of "getting under his skin". This needs to stop immediately. The Pens can stop it pretty easily, too. Each time someone goes after Crosby, we need to go after their number one player. Tonight, I would have flattened Forsberg as cleanly as I could. Doesn't matter who does it either - anyone that has a good, clean shot.

Now the Pens get to sit back and wait for Philly on Saturday at the Igloo. The Flyers get to play on Friday night. They play Atlanta, who have been playing better of late. Hope the Flyers get nice and tired. We could use a good old-fashioned butt-whooping at the Arena.

If I'm feeling ambitious tomorrow or Friday, I'll put up a Quarter Season report, since we're about 25% way through the schedule.


Trent said...

That was THE most satisfying win! It was a playoff series condensed into 60 minutes. It was nearly as good as the 7th game wins by Straka or Kasparitis. And i'm speechless.

We saw last season's last place Penguins with nothing more than the Wonderkid. And they stuck it to the Flyers. I'll take that over the aledgedly "skilled" team that was put together for this season anyday. Every friggin night. Bring the grit, the guts and the work ethic. Leave the lofty expectations at home.

I'm tempted to say something about the team's need to provide more protection for Crosby. But I don't think they could have done that AND won the game. Pretty amazing that the entire team was able to stay focused on the two points. Edzo deserves a lot of credit for that.

And they see Philly at the Igloo on Saturday. Expect a couple fighters to be dressed.

Hopefully we'll have more than one goalie dressed. (Preferably the backup's name will be Chiodo.)

Will said...

Great game last night. Crosby got smacked around some but that's good for him. He better get used to it because the better he gets the more shots people are going to take. Just ask Forsberg, he gets abused more than anyone around the league because he's so good and he's physical, just like Crosby. (Even though Crosby's got a way to go before he can be comparded to Fors.) Fleury was great. I don't know why but I felt confident when he was in net. With Thibault and Caron I'm always just waiting for the puck to go in but with Fleury in net I expected him to make the save. He looks a lot different from the last time I saw him a few years ago.

Good D effort from everyone last night. Not too many mistakes. Did anyone see VandenBussche and Brashear almost go? I thought for sure they would but I would not be surprised to see them go at it early in the game on Saturday. They also showed a clip of Brashear training, that dude is very scary looking. You have to have some serious balls to fight him.

It would have been better if they could have got the 2 points without giving Philly the 1, but seeing Crosby score the game winner in OT was almost worth it.

Pronovost said...

Great ending but the Pens won't win many games giving up 47 shots. Crosby's first "signature" game.

Fleury was sent down today. IMO the organization had better come clean and either point-blank admit that it's mostly about money or else give a reasonable explanation as to why their best goalie is in the minors. The ticket-buying public, myself included, deserves at least that much.

Vinny said...

Any word on Ryan Whitney? I read in the Post-Gazette that he was awaiting word on whether or not his right hand was broken after taking a shot off it during last night's game.