Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fleury on the way back? Trades on the way?

According to this article, Marc-Andre Fleury could be on his way back to the big club. The sticking point, as acknowledged by Mario Lemieux, is the money that he could earn in bonuses. The team already is projected to lose about seven million, and bringing Fleury up would extend that loss to about twelve million.
"We're not going to take that loss," Lemieux said. "We're losing $7 million already. We're not going to lose $12 [million]. It's not good business."
So the Pens will look to make moves that would save them enough to get Fleury up here. The most obvious move would be to trade Thibault. I know he's played poorly so far, but that move would seem rather desperate, don't you think? Unless the Pens solidify their defense in front of the goalie, it wouldn't matter if you had Patrick Roy in net. However, if you could send Thibault and maybe one of the offensive style defense (cough... Jackman... cough) to a team for a good skating, stay-at-home style defensemen... that could have possibilities.

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