Monday, November 28, 2005

I can watch hockey again (according to The Wife)

Marc-Andre Fleury has been recalled from Wilkes-Barre. I'd imagine he'll start tomorrow night against Buffalo.

I can't imagine that they'll carry three goalies, so someone will have to go. They'll probably hang onto all three until they can be sure that Fleury won't fall flat on his face being here, then move Thibault or Caron.

Who would you rather see the Pens keep as a backup, Thibault or Caron? If money is an issue, you have to keep Caron. Otherwise, I'd keep Thibault - as bad as he's been this year so far, he does have a proven track record and could prove very valuable if the Pens were to somehow get to the playoffs.

Michel Ouellet was going to be sent down to Wilkes-Barre, but he's hurt, so they put him on the injured list with a bad back.


Trent said...

Tomorrow was going to be the first game that i skipped watching. But it speaks volumes that Patrick is bringing up Fleury. The team needs him. The team needs something. (Hell, the team needs a lot of things...)

There's gotta be some trades coming. I predict Malone gets the boot. I can't think of anyone else screaming to get traded. Recchi and Leclair are safe (for better or for worse) but any of the D could go, including Gonchar.

We'll just have to see what Patrick comes up with.

Pronovost said...

Thibault vs. Caron, I'd rather keep Caron just because of his age. If it gets to the point where the Pens have to turn to either one of those guys again this season (other than for a game here and there), it's a lost cause anyway.

Way too soon to give up on Gonchar, IMO.

Will said...

I like Caron because of his age as Pronovost mentioned, but if it came to someone being in goal come playoffs (I know, but I can wish) I think Thibault would be better just on experience alone. Again, like Pronovost said if it comes to that were probably dead anyways.

I could see Malone on his way out. I don't think they'll attempt to move Gonchar, he's too good of a player to let go. I know he's had a so-so start, but he usually picks up his game later on in the season.

No matter what happens it's good to see Patrick making moves. Calling up Fleury was something I did not expect until after the Olympics. Go PENS!