Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thrashers 4, Penguins 1

This was one of those games you just don't feel like writing about. The Pens had a ton of chances. None of them were amazing, but there were lots of quality opportunities. Nothing they did went in the goal until it was too late (I'm not counting Smith's possible kick).

About the only thing that was remotely entertaining was seeing Kovalchuk gesture at the Penguins bench after scoring and later leaving the game with knee injury. You never like to see a guy get hurt, but I can't think of another player who likes to show up his opponents more than Ilya does. He sure doesn't watch My Name is Earl, or he'd know about the power of karma.

Nothing else I really want to say about this one. That's the benefit of being a blogger - there's no requirement to continue!

Next up: The Hurricanes visit the Igloo on Saturday night.

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