Thursday, January 17, 2008

Game #46 - vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning (17-24-5, 39 pts) at Pittsburgh Penguins (26-16-3, 55 pts)

Lundin has played in every game as a rookie. He's a +1 with 5 assists on a bad team.

Yeah, I'm going back to the well with the Crosby card again. Sid is the real deal.

This is a trap game for the Pens. Consider these factors:
  • The Lightning really stink this year, but they're usually good against the Pens. They're 6-0 in their last 6 games in Pittsburgh
  • The Bolts are just 5-14-3 on the road but have won their previous two away from home.
  • They have a few players who are pretty bad in +/-, but their big guns (Lecavalier and St Louis) are either even or positive. Heck, Michel Ouellet is a +6!
In short, this team can beat the Pens if they come out flat.

The thing that scares me is the Pens have been off since Monday. That's an unusually long break for this time of year. I think we can count on Michel Therrien keeping their heads in the right place.

Malkin now has 12 goals in the past 12 games. Crosby is tied (as of Thursday night) for the league lead in scoring with 63 points. The team is tied for first place in the Atlantic. Ty Conklin is unbelievable right now. What could go wrong? If the Pens do their job, we won't have to answer that question.

Let's Go Pens!

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Will said...

I agree, Pat. This game is kind of scary. I'm hoping the Pens come out with some energy. I liked Laraque dropping them off the opening face-off against the Rags. Seemed to set a nice tone right off the bat.