Saturday, January 05, 2008

Penguins 3, Panthers 0

The Pens came through with a solid effort at home today against the Panthers. They didn't do anything really flashy or extraordinary, but they managed to come away with the win.

Ty Conklin wasn't spectacular for most of the game, but he again made a few really nice saves and did everything else he needed to. The Panthers put 35 shots on him, but that was misleading, as many of those were slappers from a good distance away with little or no traffic in front of Ty.

I don't think the Pens have yet put together a complete game. In this one, they allowed the Panthers to gain some steam and keep coming at them during the latter part of the second period. It very nearly resulted in a goal, and I think would have changed the momentum of the game permanently. You'd like to see the Pens be able to apply the knockout punch when it's available, though you really can't argue with 15-5 in the past 20 games.

In short, good game, good effort. Nice to see a good win at home, because they're going on the road for three straight.

Next up: a rematch with the Panthers in Florida on Tuesday.

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