Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NHL Picks - 1-2-08

Record last night: 2-2
Record this month: 2-2
Record this season: 65-59

Last night, the Kings continued to defy the odds and won again. The Sens still can't figure out the Capitals, and the Pens won in the snow.

There are seven games tonight. I'm going with four.

Florida at New Jersey - The Devils usually kick around the Panthers. That will continue tonight. Go Devils.

Edmonton at St Louis - The Oilers are the new Kings, now that those guys in LA have started winning. Go Blues.

Columbus at Anaheim - The Ducks aren't bad enough to lose at home to the Jackets, are they? Nah. Go Ducks.

Atlanta at Carolina - The Hurricanes will win against the slumping Thrashers. Go Canes.

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