Friday, January 25, 2008

Flyers 4, Penguins 3

Missed this one. Pretty glad I did, considering the final score. I'll have video highlights up once they become available.

Next up: Sarge and Geno's Excellent Adventure at the All Star Weekend


will said...

Pens played ok and it was a good game except for the final score. Pens came back down 1, 3 times. BGL got a game misconduct for pushing Downie into the boards. It was obvious Downie saw Big Georges coming and ducked down so if BGL made contact at all it would be bad... he did, and it was. Downie was fine, and even if he made it worse by going low, BGL should have known better. Then Downie and Stone I think dropped them and after Stone was on the ice (with his jersey over his head) Downie threw 3 more punches. I imagine the Pens wont forget that going into next game. Great energy in the game overall from both teams... you have to admit that the lame Flyers of last season are gone and we'll be battling these guys and N.J. for the Atlantic for the rest of the season.

Teej said...

Sucks they lost this one. Conkblock played pretty well for having given up four, that last one was a bit soft though.

The race for the Atlantic is kinda like chasing a rabbit down a hole for the Penguins, it's going to be tighter than my budget for the rest of the year!