Saturday, January 19, 2008

Game #47 - at Montreal Canadiens

Pittsburgh Penguins (26-17-3, 55 pts) at Montreal Canadiens (24-14-8, 56 pts)

Geno needs to carry the load. Time to show why you were the #2 overall pick.

Huet has been hot lately, and he owns the Pens - 3-0-0, 1.46 GAA

The Habs are hot. They're 7-1-2 in their past 10 games. The Pens have their work cut out for them.

Without Sidney Crosby, the Pens are just 0-2-2 and have managed only 7 goals in those four games. Malkin will obviously need to be able to score without Crosby to set him up. Other players will need to fill in as well. I'd expect to see Christensen back in the lineup, as the Pens could really use his offensive talents.

Not sure who will be in goal. The Post-Gazette and the Trib are split (Trib says Sabu, while the Post-Gazette says Conklin), which means that there is no definitive answer - the writers are playing coach again.

Time to see if the Pens can step up and play as a team without their leader. I say they can.

Let's Go Pens!

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Will said...

I'm actually really excited to watch tonights game. Of course, I'm bummed Sid got hurt, but this could be a real turning point for this team... I guess good or bad. If they play well for the next month and feel confident with Sid out of the lineup, when he returns, they'll be a better team and be scary going into the playoffs. If they tank, and go 0'fer while Sid's gone, maybe that will show who belongs, and who has to go. Adversity like this will really show what the Pens are made of. GO PENS!!!