Tuesday, January 01, 2008

NHL Picks - 1-1-08

Record last night: 0-2
Record for December: 25-23
Record this season: 63-57

Well, I finished December with a winning record, making that three straight months of just over .500 predictions. If you were a betting person, you'd want to do the opposite of what I say, since I usually pick heavy favorites.

Slim schedule today, with only four games, but I'm starting the new year right and picking them all! I'm going with three road teams, which is something you might not see ever again.

Pittsburgh at Buffalo - It's the Ice Bowl / Winter Classic. I wouldn't be a very good Penguins blogger if I didn't pick the Pens... Go Pens!

Ottawa at Washington - The Sens will be unhappy at allowing 8 goals to Washington the other day. The Caps have had some success against the Sens, but I think that stops today. Go Sens.

Tampa Bay at Toronto - Boy, the Dolts are bad. The Leafs aren't much better, but the edge in this one goes to the Leafs. Go Maple Leafs.

Chicago at Los Angeles - First home game back for the Kings after a stretch of games (5 of 6) on the road. Hey, they're still the Kings. Go Hawks.

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