Friday, October 05, 2007

Hurricanes 4, Penguins 1

Not much to say about this one. The Canes kicked the stuffing out of the Pens tonight, largely due to the play of Cam Ward.

The Pens had a good first period, but still found themselves on the wrong end of a 2-0 deficit. There were a couple of key moments, most notably Christensen hitting the crossbar and Roberts being stymied in the crease, that went against the Pens. The Canes picked up a few goals that were a bit more luck than anything and the Pens were in trouble.

It was very similar in feeling to the opening of the 2005-2006 season against the Devils, when Brodeur stopped everything that came his way.

Tomorrow is another day. The Pens will be back in gear against the Ducks tomorrow night. You could feel their intensity pick up during the third. That should carry over into tomorrow night.

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